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Firgelli Automations is one of the original linear actuators and TV Lift manufacturers. Since 2004 we have been developing our own line of Linear Actuators, Track actuators, TV Lifts, Desk Lifts, and many other Motion control products to support many different industries. We are located in the US, Australia, and Canada.

Firgelli Automations TV Lift Kits | Firgelli Automations TV Lift Kits

Our products are easy to install, and simple to operate. A typical unpacking and installation of a TV lift can take approximately 15 minutes with one person, depending on the application. All of our products offer the ability to fine tune the adjustment of the parts to ensure a ‘custom’ fit.

Firgelli Automations Linear Slides | Firgelli Automations Linear Slides

Firgelli Linear Slides offers a wide variety of slide rails, linear bearings, guide rails, drawer slides, and actuators to automate your DIY lifts and projects. Whether the designs call for low backlash actuators, high force units, or extreme durability, Firgelli Automations linear motion products will carry your product, project, and customers farther than ever before with our restructured company and improved company – client relations.

Firgelli Robots | Firgelli Robots

Our products have been used in just about every application you can imagine. Firgelli was built around the concept of ‘the internet of things’: the barriers which faced the procurement of goods have been torn down leaving a simple way for our global partners to see what products are available, order, and have their order fulfilled the same day. No matter your application, we have a solution for you.

MakeZilla | MakeZilla

MakeZilla was developed by a team of Engineers that wanted a place for people to share and promote their products or projects. Having worked on many projects ourselves building things we felt their was such a waste if all the work we did was for nothing. We thought wouldn’t it be cool if there was a one stop place where you can get professional help (see our Hire an Expert page) and make your projects become a reality and then promote them and maybe even sell some, or make connections with people in industry who can get your products in-front of the right people.