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We specialize in, TV Lifts, Linear Actuators, Linear Motors, plus Electric Motors & Micro Motors

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We are the web's largest retailer for linear actuators offering manufacturer direct pricing.

Our Compact Linear Electric Motors start at only $75 USD


Choose the stroke length you need - then click the links on the left


We ship worldwide, orders ship out within 24hrs, often same day (if ordered by Noon Pacific Time)


What can Linear Actuators/Electric Motors /micro motors do?

DC Electric Linear Actuators, are used in just about any application where you need to move or lift something. Also called Linear Motors or Electric Motors and micro motors.

How much can they lift?


Our Linear actuator, linear electric motor models come in a range of forces and speeds, from 8lbs to 400lbs force, or 2" per sec to 1/3" per second speed.

How do I control them?

Click on the Actuators Accessories section on the left to see different electronics systems.

I want a remote control to operate my Linear Actuator or micro motor:

No problem, we also sell remotes control systems, check out our Actuators accessories section on the left.

Available now, our new line of Track Electric DC Linear Actuator linear motors, with built in Electric Motor inside the Actuator.

This new range of Track Linear Actuators using Electric Motors will offer the most flexibility

This new range is ideally suited to applications where the Linear Actuator needs a short retracted length.

About Linear Actuators/Electric Motors/Micro motors:

Linear Motors are also known as, Hydraulic Actuators, Pnuematic Actuators, Electric Actuators, sometimes geared Actuators and even Servo Actuators, and electric Rams. Electric Motors available as Micro Motors or large high torque Electric motors are also available from Firgelli.

Use linear actuator and Build your own TV Lift

Visit our Linear Actuators projects and Applications forum.

Linear Actuators made by Firgelli Automations. We have a UK branch, visit http://www.firgelliauto.co.uk/ for more details, also check out our TV Lifts in Australia, now opened up in Melbourne, Victoria.

Custom Micro Motors or Electric motors and TV Lifts are all possible with Firgelli for volume applications, please enquire.

12VDC Linear actuators and linear actuator wiring diagrams. If you need to know how to use or where to buy linear actuators, you can count on Firgelli Automations.

Firgelli F1 Replica race cars are manufactured to full scale, these F1 racing cars are ideal for promotional and entertainment industries. Firgelli is also working on a Lamborghini Replica, for wall art or promotional use also.

Firgelli Marine Actuator Trim Tabs are manufactured for the marine industry, these Marine Actuators are ideal for Trim Tabs, Hatch lifts, Cabin and Deck Automation and even non Marine applications. Firgelli Trim Tab actuators, are ideal for all your water resistant Linear Motion needs.